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Stovaigh is a project that combines oriental thought, classical photography and fabric development.

The three can build a bridge between aesthetics and spirit. Additionally, there will always be a kind of clumsiness and refinement included in the most primitive knowledge and skills in each field. It is like a spirit of exploration instinctively driven by knowing and unknowing.

The paraphrase of the name is Tomb and Vault, which comes from the ancient Chinese numerology thought. Tomb is closed while vault is open. The two tend to form a balanced combination in the mutual transformation between the specific combination of cause and effect. We believe that the combination of mind and object can show the internal spirit and power of the material object, and the combination is a competition between "hiding" and "presence". Excessive presence will cover up the power of the thing itself, while subtle possession can build up its momentum and balance.

The fabrics cover a lot, even more than the design.

All the fabrics of Stovaigh are exclusively developed in the UK and Japan. From yarn selection, weight to volume and final treatment, they have been studied and designed to better fit the cutting. Dyeing will be more profound and natural with the efforts of such as Nagoya's ancient dyeing workshop. We hope the thickness of fabric can carry history, culure and thinking.

Classical photography is like a concealed breathing lung, which will form a subtle transformation when watching.

The fascination with classical photography led Stovaigh to research on applying the application of classical salted paper technology to fabrics for several years. From the beginning of exposure, to fixing and then to the color matching of precious metals, the whole process is extremely complex. After the completion of the above procedures, the fabrics will show a special tone and texture, which is difficult to imitate.